Wisconsin State Bar Elects Attorney John A. Birdsall to the Board of Governors


John A. Birdsall, president of Birdsall Law Offices, S.C., was elected to the Milwaukee district of the Wisconsin State Bar Board of Governors and will begin his service in July. The Board of Governors manages and directs the affairs and activities of the State Bar of Wisconsin. Birdsall will be one of the twelve governors part of the Milwaukee District. Birdsall is also the only attorney on the board to exclusively practice criminal defense law.

Birdsall brings a history of leadership along with this unique perspective as he is currently on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Criminal Law Section of the State bar of Wisconsin. Birdsall also serves on the board of directors at the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee.


4 Tips for Law School Graduates

ImageAs spring is upon us and law schools are coming to a close, another crop of young lawyers are celebrating graduating and the beginning of their law careers. While there will almost never be a shortage of attorneys, there is however a shortage of jobs. Milwaukee has become a saturated market that is full of talented attorneys, with more and more entering the bar each year. With that in mind, attorneys Matthew Meyer and Ben Van Severen, shed some light on what it takes to land that first job out of law school. Matthew and Ben are both graduates of Marquette University Law school and attorneys at Birdsall Law Offices, S.C.

  1. First and foremost, it is important to build a solid network. Not only will this help you find that first job but it will pay dividends in the future. Focus on both relationships with experienced lawyers and your peers. “It’s the main reason I had a job as soon as I was licensed,” adds Matthew Meyer. 

  2. Cast a wide net when looking for a job. The idea is to get your name out there and taking every opportunity to do that will help you find success.

  3. It is also important to stay focused on the search. It is easy to get discouraged when sending out multiple resumes without any responses. Stay true to the job search and the right fit will come.

  4. Make sure you put in the work. Whether it is preparing for an interview or designing your resume, make sure you put some time into it. Being fully prepared is always a good look. “I think that this also extends out to working your first job.  Unfortunately the six-figure jobs we all hope to have aren’t as prevalent anymore. Sometimes you’ve got to work hard and make only a tiny bit of money the first few years before you start to see successes,” says Matthew Meyer.



Educating Milwaukee on Criminal Defense


One of the biggest hurdles that people face when charged with a crime is that they do not understand the typical criminal procedure. Being charged with a serious crime like drug possession, homicide, or sexual harassment is not something that anyone anticipates so there is a lack of knowledge of how to handle the situation. Not knowing how to properly handle the situation can lead to making false statements that the police can deem incriminating.

Milwaukee attorney John A. Birdsall believes education and understanding the implications of a criminal charge are one of the first steps in a successful defense. When the defendant is familiar with what they are being charged with, exactly what it means, and what to expect, the defendant can have a clear mind to begin their defense. From this idea, Birdsall Law Offices S.C. has made four new websites devoted to educating people on various criminal charges and how to handle them. The four sites are devoted to DUI defense, sex crime defense, homicide defense, and drug crime defense.

We invite you to check out the sites below and educate yourself. However, always contact a lawyer as soon as possible when charged with a criminal offense.







Relevant Evidence: A Bigger Issue Than You Think


It seems intuitive that all evidence for a case should be considered during a criminal trial. But in many cases, deciding what evidence is relevant and what evidence is not can be a major issue. Many state laws call for DNA evidence to be preserved forever, but what about certain video, audio, or image evidence 

The destruction of these materials, in most cases, is up to the judge’s discretion, according to this case article from In this particular case based in Columbus, OH, the judge backed the destruction of some pieces of evidence in a rape and murder case, based on the nature of the evidence. The evidence was deemed obscene and did not serve any real purpose to the case.

Attorney John A. Birdsall agrees that most items should be preserved, especially when you look at the amount of exonerations since DNA was first implemented. “While this isn’t involving DNA, any pertinent evidence in a serious conviction, even a guilty plea, should have a presumption of retention,” continued Birdsall. Cases like this serve as a great reminder of exactly how complicated criminal trials can become and how critical quality representation can be for a case.

Is it right to have evidence retention up to the discretion of the judge, what do you think?

Check out the case article here for more information.

Attorney John A. Birdsall Admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court


On Nov. 4, 2013, Attorney John A. Birdsall traveled to Washington D.C. to be admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Admittance to the bar of the United States Supreme Court is a great honor for any lawyer. John is particularly proud of this accomplishment. While it is rare for a case to reach the United States Supreme Court, this honor is a validation of John’s experience and dedication which has made him one of Wisconsin’s best criminal defense lawyers. In order to receive this honor, a current member of the Supreme Court Bar must file a motion of nomination and then that motion must be granted by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

How To Choose A Lawyer | Milwaukee & Green Bay Criminal Defense Attorneys

Birdsall Law Offices Specializes in Criminal Defense and DUI & OWI Defense. Call us today to find out what we can do to defend your case. We have over 25 years of experience in taking difficult cases of all kinds to trial. We are very experienced trial attorneys and we will always work hard to get the best results possible. Unlike other attorneys, we are not scared to go to trial. We have extensive success in criminal defense case that go to trial.

We have specific experience in:
-Drug Trafficking
-Drug Possession
-Sex Crimes
-Internet Crimes
-Computer Crimes
-Federal Crimes
-Drunk Driving
-White Collar Crime
-Violent & Domestic Crimes

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How To Choose A Lawyer:
So you have been charged with a criminal offense. How do you choose a lawyer? This is not like choosing a lawyer for your divorce or choosing someone to make out a will for you. This is a serious decision with your life and your liberty at stake. There is four points that you mainly want to focus on. The first point is you want someone that specializes in criminal law. Not somebody that is a general practitioner. Not somebody that splits their practice into multiple areas. This is a highly specialized area of law. So whether your case is a drug crime, a sex crime or an OWI; the law is so complicated that you have to specialize if you want competent representation. The second thing that you want to focus on is whether or not the attorney has a track record of success. You want to know whether or not they have had serious jury trials. Specifically, you want to know that they have had trials in your area with the type of crime that you are charged with. You should check them out and do not be afraid to ask them questions. The third thing that you want to focus on is whether or not they are aggressive. A lot of lawyers will say they are aggressive. You have to use your own judgment of whether or not they are actually going to be aggressive. By aggressive, I mean someone who will literally interview every prosecution witness against you. They should provide you with all the evidence so you can make the decision about how to handle your case. They should follow up developing their own witnesses and doing their own investigation. That is the only way that you are going to be able to go to the prosecutor and ask them to dismiss a case. You must bring something to the table. The only way that you are going to win at trial is if you can bring something to the jury. Otherwise, all that will be left is the cop’s story as well as all the witnesses that the state or federal court has brought against you. The final thing to pay attention to is cost. Obviously this is going to cost some money. Don’t make the mistake of going to a cut-rate lawyer. There is a lot of them out there and what you are largely going to end up with is just a warm body next to you in court. If you have been saving for a rainy day, I assure you when you have been charged with a crime, it is raining. Be very careful about this decision and think about these four factors.

If you or a loved one was just arrested

Being arrested and charged with a crime is most often a very difficult experience for someone to go through.  It is important that you contact and EXPERIENCED  defense attorney to make sure that your rights are preserved during the legal process.  Birdsall Law Offices can offer you protection in the best defense for your particular case.  If we cannot defend your case, we will refer you to someone that can.  However, the attorneys at Birdsall Law Offices have many years of experience with successful outcomes for clients.

If you or a loved one was just arrested you need to read this: