Milwaukee Attorney John A. Birdsall Joins the Rotary Club of Milwaukee


In October 2013, Attorney John A. Birdsall was inducted into the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. Founded in 1913, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee is an organization made up of some of the city’s most influential and successful leaders. Their mission is to better the Milwaukee community through addressing issues of poverty, illiteracy, clean water, environmental improvement, hunger, disease, and many more. “Over the past 100 years, we’ve made Milwaukee and the world a better place to be, with a history of service that is unmated in the community,” said President Rick White

Each Tuesday Milwaukee business and community leaders come together at the War Memorial Center for lunch to listen and learn about the key issues affecting the Milwaukee community. John was officially introduced at a Tuesday lunch meeting as he was recognized for his contributions as a leader in Milwaukee law. The Milwaukee Rotary club is part of a worldwide network of over 1.2 million men and women who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in their communities and the world.

John was drawn to the Rotary Club when he discovered it was a service organization dedicated to improving the Milwaukee community that he loves. The Rotary Club fits perfectly with his personal tradition of volunteerism. In addition to contributing at their weekly meetings John is volunteering his time as a mentor for children of the Milwaukee Public School system.