Charged with a DUI? Here’s what to do…

Theodore Perlick Molinari of Birdsall Law Offices explains what to do if you or a loved one is charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence).


Theodore Perlick Molinari explains what to do if charged with DUI/OWI

Call An Attorney

This is the easiest way to make sure you do everything to give yourself every opportunity to win your case. Always make sure you call an attorney who handles OWI cases regularly.

Request a Review Hearing

The police will give you a form that gives you 10 days to request a hearing to review your administrative suspension. You need to fill this form out and send it back to the DMV as soon as possible.

Enter a Plea of Not Guilty

Most municipal courts allow you to enter a plea via mail. Take them up on this offer to save yourself time.

Request a Jury Trial

In order to preserve your right to a jury trial, you need to request one within 10 days of your initial appearance. If you do not make this request, you forfeit your right to a jury trial.


THIS WEEK: TJ Secured a 70 day sentence for a OWI 3rd

THIS WEEK: TJ Secured a 70 day sentence with electronic monitoring for a person convicted of a DUI-3rd. Typically, in a case like this, a defendant convicted will get sentenced to 6months to a year or more. TJ would have liked an acquittal, but for a conviction this was a very favorable outcome.