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Will I Be Convicted? | Milwaukee Defense Attorney

Many people ask Attorney Theodore Perlick Molinari of Birdsall Law Offices if they will be convicted of the crime they are charged with.  In this video, Theodore will explain what factors may play a part in determining that.


If you or a loved one was just arrested

Being arrested and charged with a crime is most often a very difficult experience for someone to go through.  It is important that you contact and EXPERIENCED  defense attorney to make sure that your rights are preserved during the legal process.  Birdsall Law Offices can offer you protection in the best defense for your particular case.  If we cannot defend your case, we will refer you to someone that can.  However, the attorneys at Birdsall Law Offices have many years of experience with successful outcomes for clients.

If you or a loved one was just arrested you need to read this:

Many people ask: Will I be convicted of the crime I am charged with?

Theodore Perlick Molinari commments on the fact that he is often asked what kind of results a client can expect in a case. This is a difficult question to answer. However, here are some things to consider:

Stages of a Criminal Case – Criminal Law


Stages of a Criminal Case – Criminal Law.

Some information about the stages of a Criminal Case from findlaw.com

Many people’s first introduction to the legal system occurs during a criminal case. Each criminal case is different, but there are some steps that are common to most, if not all, criminal cases. In this section you will find information on what to expect at each stage of a typical criminal case — including tips on the arrest process, plea bargains, sentencing options, and more. To begin, select an item from the list below.

  • Arrest – what is an arrest, and when can an arrest occur?
  • Booking & Bail – information about the processing that occurs after an arrest and how bail works.
  • Arraignment – the defendant’s first appearance in a courtroom.
  • Plea Bargain – learn more about what goes into a plea bargain.
  • Preliminary Hearing – in a preliminary hearing, a judge determines whether there is enough evidence to support a trial.
  • Pre-Trial Motions – pre-trial motions establish whether a trial should take place and, if so, what the boundaries at trial will be.
  • Trial – at trial, a jury will consider whether the evidence proves the defendant’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
  • Sentencing – the stage of a criminal case where a judge determines the appropriate punishment.
  • Alternative Sentences – punishment for criminal behavior doesn’t always have to include prison time.
  • Appeals – a criminal case isn’t over after sentencing. The defendant can appeal a conviction to a higher court.