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Supreme Court Ruling a Victory for Individual Rights


In a time when all of our personal information is seemingly public, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of personal privacy. On Wednesday June 25, 2014, the Supreme Court ruled police must have a warrant in order to search the information and data on a mobile device.

The unanimous ruling stated that the information stored on mobile phones is constitutionally protected from police search without a warrant. Attorney John A. Birdsall is in support of the ruling saying, “The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision requiring a warrant to search a cell phone is a landmark ruling that is victory for all those interested in protecting citizen privacy from government overreach.”

This ruling now sets a positive precedent for personal privacy and individual rights. This ruling also shows that the law is now adapting to changes in technology. Most of the rules and regulations when it comes to digital communication are unclear and this is the first step in figuring out digital communications law. Attorney Birdsall said, “It seems to me that every American should applaud this decision as a victory for individual rights.”

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